Silvia Levenson

Silvia and the strategies
« ‘The personal is political’ »

“Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Madmen know nothing. But you should have seen me. You should have seen how wisely I proceeded -- with what caution -- with what foresight, with what dissimulation, I went to work!” (“The tell-tale Heart”, Edgar Alla Poe)

Silvia’s works suggest several strategies to live, she puts them together, in order, she classifies them and examines them; all the strategies seem to glitter, they are infallible, unique, and unquestionable. With each of them we could control the world... If some of them work.This whole order reveals a feeling of non involvment and vulnerability in front of a mysterious world, characterized by solitude.

What they analyse and describe carefully is the behaviour in one’s everday life and intimacy, and these strategies are used to seduce life, to make it fall in love.

Her works have always revealed a particular attention for the world of anxiety and female pleasure. She shows in this work as she already did in her previous ones a tension that grows and express itself best when applied to questions of gender, but always making irony the protagonist. Her glass objects challenge us with lightness and emphasize the importance of every day life.

Silvia has her very own way to wonder how one sees oneself and how one thinks, how one is built and how one imagines. In her hands, utotpia becomes reality as shown in “Still Life”: it is so easy there is no chance to make a mistake, it is here, Silvia prepeared it for us. “A few drops of valium, a bit of self control, a measure of beauty...”

The artistic work of Levenson is obviously influenced by the culture and the times in which she is living. The piece “The plan is perfect” is thus direct, as direct as is her way to face the topics and their artistic answers.

She teaches us her strategies, nothing more than norms and rituals to think vital relations. In spite of the glass material, fragility and lightness are not the most outstanding features in her work. What emerges is a tenuous mecanism that proves her capacity to think and her acuteness when aiming at something.

“ (...) the plan was perfect...” is the title of Silvia Levenson’s exhibition who created a scenario inhabited with metaphors on existence and the future. From a fragile core she filled up a world of restless harmony. We live our future today, we ask her to lend us a strategy.


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