Silvia Levenson

Forever Happy



In my work aesthetic is not separated from the meaning that I try to convey. The content and the formal aspect represent the integrity of my own work and I believe glass is functional to this idea.

The American Constitution, model of western civilization, says that the “pursuit of happiness” is an inalienable human right. Sometimes attaining this right becomes a form of heroism in a society almost allergic to pain, illness, suffering and depression.

Happiness has become such an obsession that in order to avoid any failure, society itself is proposing something like do-it yourself.

From books, television, magazines and internet, we receive all kind of instruction to get fast and easy happiness.

Everything teaches us how to reach our balance, happiness, eternal youth, beauty, harmony, sexuality and success through medications, yoga, surgery, new age, on line meditation, etc…

All regular activities (gardening, traveling, cooking, farming and breeding animals) are transformed into self-improvement therapies.

In this project I am working on the cosmetics of happiness

It shows furthermore the impossibility of being always on top of social expectations.

In my actual work I am not concerned with morality. I‘d like to explore the obsession of being forever happy and my perspective originates from my own discomfort and from my own sense of unfitness.


Levenson, January 2007

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