Silvia Levenson

Strange Little girls




strange little girl
where are you going?
do you know where you could be going?

( from album Strange Little girls, Tori Amos)



My current work is related to the mysterious world of childhood. Sometimes adults fantasize they can understand kids only due to they have been children too, but the world of children is still far from adults until they accept the social rules : what is good and what is evil . Those years to me delineate an era where the edge between reality and dreams is very evanescent. For this series of works I started making collages with pictures from my own childhood and masks of animals. I mixed animal's heads and children's bodies by emphasizing the dreamlike and unreal world of children.


I exhibit drawings and screen printing on glass like small sketches describing the expectant and mysterious world of childhood, where anything can happen.


Frequently society expects children to be happy and carefree like in the adverts and everybody does their best to live up to these expectations. You have to be good and simile so as not to ruin the family photo album irreparably.


But living up to these expectations is difficult: I refuse to think of childhood as “ the golden years” to be looked back with nostalgia. As in the Tori Amos' song, children in my work does not known where they are going.


Silvia Levenson, 2011.

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