Silvia Levenson

Exhibition in David Richard Gallery. 2014


In my work I use images to say aloud what is generally unsaid

I explore this unspeakable space that is sometimes so small or so big, placed between what can be seen or guessed.

In my exhibition there are installations, objects made in glass , photos and lenticular printings meant to explore feelings and actions that often we prefer to ignore. I am seeking this “double feeling” in different headings.

There is the idea of family as a sanctuary while the evidence shows that it is also a dangerous place. Family imperils lives and breeds some of the most drastic forms of violence perpetrated against the female gender.

UNICEF reports that one third of murdered women in the world are killed by husbands or partners and it is shocking.

“Until death do us part” and “ Body of evidence “are the underline of this condition: my wedding cake is nice, empty and fragile; statistics speak about violence in the family, the aggressors are not “ unknown”, they are people once loved by women and girls .**

In others works as photos and lenticular prints, I explore dynamics in the couple relationship, those thin differences between what we really feel and what we express. Sometimes it’s hard to face our feelings.

Since we wish to “fit” in the happy forever picture, sometimes we just pretend that things are OK. So here I focused on the very subtle tensions going through relationships.

That is why "let's not talk about it

Silvia Levenson, June 2014

** In Italy each two days a woman is killed by her partner or ex partner. I always thought that this  was something happening in some remote places in the world like Ciudad de Juarez in Mexico or in India, but domestic violence against women and girls is happening now and here. 

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